How you can help protect forest health in Arizona

At first glance, the scope of the issues plaguing Arizona's forests can appear overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to help improve the situation:


SRP offers two programs to assist with the health of Arizona's forests:

  • Trees for Change: SRP utility customers may elect to have a monthly contribution, in increments of $3 added to their power bill. SRP will make an annual matching contribution of up to $120,000. All funds will be used to reforest northern Arizona areas destroyed by wildfire.
  • Northern Arizona Forest Fund: This joint partnership between SRP and the National Forest Foundation aims to accelerate large-scale restoration work on critical portions of the Salt and Verde rivers watersheds.

Educate yourself

Arizona's forests face two major issues – some areas, such as those affected by the Wallow and Rodeo-Chedeski fires are severely scarred and in need of reforestation efforts.

Most of the remainder of the state's forests are densely overgrown and highly susceptible to catastrophic fire. These areas need thinning and other mediation to restore them to health. Funding, policy obstacles and other issues are potential roadblocks to getting this work done.

You can learn more about these issues from several of SRP's partners in restoration work:

Practice care outdoors and at home

Most of the state's largest wildfires have been caused by humans – either intentionally, via improperly extinguished campfires, cigarette butts or other careless behavior.

You can learn more about recreational and home safety online:

Get involved

Volunteer opportunities exist with numerous organizations involved with the health of Arizona's forests. Below are some examples: