Reporting canal dumping, damage or graffiti

SRP will address graffiti and other damage to its structural facilities in a prompt manner.

If you see graffiti damage to SRP canals, gates, laterals, well sites, signage or sign-up boards, please contact Water Customer Services at (602) 236-3333.

To report damage to SRP electricity structures, such as poles, transformers, boxes and other equipment, please call Residential Customer Services at (602) 236-8888.

Graffiti on any backyard wall that backs up to an SRP canal is the homeowner's responsibility.

If there is graffiti on any SRP structure, please do not attempt to paint over the graffiti yourself. In doing so, you may accidentally paint over identifying markers or other devices. This can be hazardous to personnel working on the equipment.

If you witness somebody damaging SRP infrastructure, please call your local law enforcement agency.

Canal dumping

As the Valley becomes increasingly urban, more cities have established water treatment plants to process canal water for human consumption. That's one reason why it's important to keep canal water as clean as possible.

Eight municipal water treatment plants are located near SRP canals. These filtration facilities treat water prior to deliveries for domestic use.

In addition, the City of Phoenix owns another treatment plant near the Verde River on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation.

The cities act as agents of SRP when they deliver clean water to residences and other users. Cities charge a delivery fee, which covers treatment and transport costs. Cities also pay water assessment charges to SRP, relieving individual property owners within Project boundaries from that requirement. By paying the fee, cities assure property owners that their water rights are protected.

You can help

With 131 miles of canals and about 950 miles of laterals winding across 240,000 acres of land, SRP cannot monitor every stretch of the system for wrongdoing.

That's where you can help: If you see suspicious activity along the canal banks, or witness someone dumping something into the canals, please call SRP's Water Customer Service Center at (602) 236-3333 – any time, day or night.

Try to note the license plate number and describe any vehicles you see at the site. If there is a company name or logo on the vehicle, note that also. Information can be given anonymously. After a call is received, SRP will contact authorities and/or dispatch its own crew to the site.

SRP also asks for your help in reporting vandalism or dumping at its other facilities, such as wellsites and power substations.

Under provisions of the state Environmental Nuisance Law and the federal Clean Water Act, anyone dumping waste or objects into the canal could be subject to a $10,000-per-day fine and/or be liable for the expense of removing the waste.