Power quality seminars and training

SRP is pleased to provide the following training programs and services:

"Power Quality for Electricians and Technicians" This is a hands-on workshop for electricians, technicians, contractors and engineers looking for in-depth power quality training. The course objectives are to:

  • Gain an understanding of the causes of and solutions to power quality problems
  • Learn the tools and techniques used to solve power quality problems
  • Learn the importance of proper wiring and grounding for reliable equipment performance

"Facility Wiring, Grounding and Bonding for Performance and Safety" This course focuses on the basic building blocks of any electrical distribution system, the wiring, grounding and bonding. The course objectives are to:

  • Demystify the term "grounding"
  • Learn the difference between wiring grounding and bonding for safety versus performance
  • Understand the meaning of "grounding" and "bonding"

Customized programs also are available to meet the needs of your staff. SRP can build a course around specific power quality issues, customized for your operation, of a duration that fits into your schedule.

Benefits to you

  • Maximize your facility's "up-time" by understanding the power quality sensitivities of your operation
  • Improve your power quality troubleshooting techniques.
  • Recognize the source (utility or customer) of various power quality problems.
  • Understand how to cost-effectively mitigate power quality problems.
  • Develop awareness of "weak-link components" and the problems they present within your equipment.

To order

To request this service, please fill out the Power Quality Service Request Form. A representative will contact you with pricing information upon receipt of your request.

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