Preparing for an efficient infrared inspection

These 10 easy steps provide you with helpful guidelines to follow when preparing for an infrared inspection:

  1. Prior to the inspection, create a list of equipment you would like scanned using this equipment list form. You can also view a sample equipment list form.

    • Use the online infrared planning and prioritization tool to review and prioritize your equipment based on the impact that failure of the equipment would have on your operations.
    • Finalize the list of equipment you would like inspected based on your prioritization. Order the list so the inspection flows in a logical, efficient and safe route through the facility.
  2. Schedule the inspection for a time when the equipment is loaded and running under normal conditions and at normal operating temperatures. To schedule the inspection, call your Strategic Energy Manager or complete the Power Quality services request form.
  3. Identify personnel and safety issues. Identify any security or special access issues. Plan and safeguard as needed.
  4. Consider and plan around any environmental or physical conditions that might adversely impact the results of the inspection. For example:

    • Keep equipment doors of self-cooled equipment closed until just before the scan.
    • Perform inspection of roof-mounted equipment before sunrise or after sunset, if appropriate.
  5. Conduct a pre-inspection briefing with the thermographer to review the equipment inspection list and any safety or access issues.
  6. Provide an authorized representative to direct the thermographer through the facility and provide access to the equipment.
  7. Pre-stage panel opening where possible to save time during the inspection.
  8. Conduct a post-inspection debriefing with the thermographer to review top line findings.
  9. Following receipt of the written report and recommendations, complete and document repairs as needed.
  10. Contact SRP if a re-inspection is desired to ensure the potential problem was corrected.

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