Our investigative approach

Customers who have faced power quality issues know that it is often hard to find the cause of the problem. Our power quality process not only identifies the problem quickly, it also allows you to implement the most cost-effective solution as soon as possible.

Our approach includes the following steps:

  1. The start-up meeting
    You know best what's going on inside your facility. By informing us of all your observations, we'll be off to a fast start. Our first step is to learn your electrical history in order to develop an appropriate plan of action.
  2. Visual inspection and electric test
    We survey your facility's power distribution and grounding system. We also check voltage and current while exercising your equipment to actual performance levels.
  3. Monitoring
    Using specialized testing and monitoring equipment, we look for critical disturbances taking place during normal work cycles. Capturing power variances offers clear direction towards disturbance sources.
  4. Detailed reports
    We then provide you with a detailed report that summarizes the power quality characteristics of your electrical distribution system.
  5. Recommend and implement solutions
    With testing and monitoring results in hand, we can recommend steps to improve your electrical environment. And, if you desire, we will implement them for you.
  6. Follow-up
    Finally, we follow up with you to make sure that the changes implemented have worked as planned. And, as your business expands, we suggest further corrective action as necessary.

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