Frequently asked questions about SurePay

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SurePay is a way for customers to pay their monthly SRP Bills automatically through their checking or savings account.

Signing up for SurePay will bring you peace-of-mind when it comes to paying your monthly SRP bill. There's no need to worry about late payment fees or forgetting to pay your bill because the payments will automatically be paid on the day of your choosing.

Your payments will post to your SRP account any day between the 1–28 of your choosing, but it can take three to five business days for it to post to your financial institution.

You can pick any day from the 1–28 of the month for your payment to process by signing up for Custom Due Date.

That payment option is not currently available.

If you need to change, update or cancel your SurePay, please call Residential Customer Services (602) 236-8888 or Commercial Customer Services (602) 236-8833

If you need more time to pay, please call Customer Service at (602) 236-8888 at least three business days before the SurePay due date to ensure we are able to stop the payment for that billing period.

Learn about how to enroll in SurePay or contact us if you have additional questions.

  • Residential customers: email SRP Residential Customer Services, or call (602) 236-8888.
  • Business customers: email the SRP Business Center, or call (602) 236-8833.

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