The M-Power app: prepay anywhere

The new SRP M-Power App puts you in full control of your account – anywhere, anytime. It's available now for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play and offers these features:

Screenshot of the M-Power app showing the approximate power remaining on the user's account
  • One-click pay
    Connect your M-Power account to an eligible checking account and add money to your M-Power account with the touch of a button.
  • See power remaining
    Get estimates on how many days of power you have remaining – based on average historical usage – and see the remaining cash balance in your M-Power account.
  • Receive low credit alerts *
    You can also be automatically notified about power outages in your area, when a purchase has been applied to your account or when you have credit waiting to be used.
  • PayCenter maps
    Need to pay by cash? The app can direct you to the nearest open PayCenter.
  • Detailed account information
    Usage and payment history are available 24/7, all with the push of a button.

* Be sure to turn on notifications in the app settings.

Get set up to prepay anywhere

Activating the new prepay features is easy.

  1. Download the SRP M-Power Mobile App

    The mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

  2. Create a My Account

    By creating your own My Account page you will be able to login and do the following:

    • Set up your eligible checking account for online and mobile purchases.
    • Purchase power and recharge your meter anytime, anywhere.
    • Request a Purchase History letter.
    • Manage your account.
  3. Call SRP

    Make a purchase over the phone by calling (602) 236-8888. Once you do, you're all set!

    If you want to make a cash purchase, don't worry. They'll still be accepted at any SRP PayCenter.