SRP's ENERGY STAR Home program rewards Phoenix homebuilders

The SRP ENERGY STAR® Homes program provides Phoenix-area homebuilders a rewarding incentive structure, a streamlined testing and rebate process and the predictable guideline development process of ENERGY STAR. Valley homebuilders can now benefit from the ENERGY STAR brand name that is synonymous with energy efficiency among 83% of Americans.
$6,562,500 $0

Updated June 5, 2018. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Does not indicate homes in progress.

Take these steps to start building homes in the Valley through SRP's program

  1. Review the program requirements for SRP ENERGY STAR Homes.
  2. Become an ENERGY STAR Partner
  3. Contact Rebecca Smout, Senior Program Manager, via email or by phone at (602) 236-2489 to learn more about the program.
  4. Request the SRP ENERGY STAR Homes Master Agreement Document is a PDF from Rebecca Smout
  5. Enroll eligible communities
  6. Complete construction
  7. Provide SRP with payment submittal form File is an Excel document
  8. Receive the SRP incentive