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Energy efficiency rebates for businesses

As an SRP customer, your business can qualify for up to $300,000 in SRP rebates for common energy-efficient equipment found in commercial and industrial settings. Explore available rebates and find out how to cash in.

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    SRP Champions of Sustainability 2023

    Celebrating a decade of making a difference.

    For 10 years, SRP has presented the Champions of Sustainability awards program honoring businesses for their achievements in energy efficiency. On Oct. 19, 2023, SRP recognized and thanked outstanding participants in SRP’s Business Solutions programs. See the full list below of companies and organizations that continuously lead the charge in sustainability and innovation.

    Evoque Data Center Solutions
    Ferguson Enterprises LLC
    Arizona Biltmore
    Rotor X Aircraft Manufacturing
    AZ Emergency Products
    Queen Creek School District 95
    Maricopa Community Colleges
    City of Glendale
    Harrison Properties
    Sun Communities
    Safari Drive Condominiums
    Hospice of the Valley

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    City of Glendale

    Arizona Biltmore Resort

    Hospice of the Valley

    Rebates for LED lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, motors, data centers and more

    Customers who upgrade their equipment enjoy:

    • Lower energy bills
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • A building makeover that attracts customers
    • Greener operations that use less energy

    Rebate Funds Available

    Last updated:  Oct 1, 2023


    Explore available rebates

    See all the ways you can save with rebates for LED lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, motors, data centers and more.

    Lighting rebates

    • $0.25-$0.35 per watt of reduced installed demand for qualifying interior LEDs
    • $0.15 per watt of reduced installed demand for qualifying exterior LEDs
    • Lighting controls (interior only) — up to $0.40 per watt controlled
    • LED fixtures and lamps must be ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium™ approved.

    Please note: You must receive written approval from SRP before ordering, purchasing or installing any retrofit lighting equipment.

    HVAC rebates  

    • Unitary heat pumps: $110–$135 per ton 
    • Unitary air conditioners: $60–$85 per ton 
    • Water or evaporatively cooled unitary equipment: $75 per ton 
    • Packaged terminal units: $40 per ton 
    • Multi-split variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems: $75 per ton 
    • Direct evaporative cooler: $0.06 per cfm 
    • Indirect/direct evaporative coolers (IDEC): $0.06 per cfm 
    • Advanced rooftop controls: $250 per ton 
    • Smart thermostats: $150 each, $200 each with professional install 
    • Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) on fans and pumps: $90 per horsepower (hp) 
    • Electronically commutated motors (ECMs): $125 per hp, up to 1 hp 
    • Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM): $105–$200 per hp, up to 1 hp 
    • Outside air economizers: $50 per ton 
    • Energy management systems (EMS): $0.20-$0.30 per square foot 
    • SVTACs/SVTHPs: $75 per ton 
    • Hotel room occupancy controls: $50 per room 
    • Carbon dioxide sensors: $120–$200 each 
    • Carbon monoxide sensors: $250 each 
    • Chillers: Variable rebates 
    • Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI): $30 per ton 

    Compressed air rebates  

    • Low-pressure drop filters: $0.80 per standard cubic foot per minute (scfm) 
    • Zero-loss condensate drains: $90 each 
    • Additional receiver capacity: $1.50 per gallon 
    • Refrigerated cycling dryers: $1.50 per scfm 
    • Variable-frequency drive compressors: $90 per hp, up to 75 hp 
    • Desiccant dryers up to 1,000 scfm: $5–$7.50 per scfm 

    Please note: Systems of 100 horsepower or more (excluding backup) may qualify for an assessment through the SRP Custom Business Solutions program.

    Refrigeration rebates  

    • Discus or disc valve compressor: $50 per ton 
    • Anti-sweat heater controls: $3 per linear foot 
    • Auto door closers: $20–$40 each 
    • Dock door seals: $25 per linear foot 
    • Door gaskets: $3.50–$4.50 per linear foot 
    • Electronically commutated refrigeration motors: $25 each reach-in, $60 each walk-in 
    • Permanent magnet synchronous refrigeration motors: $15–$75 each 
    • Fast-acting cooler doors: $30 per square foot 
    • Fast-acting freezer doors: $80 per square foot 
    • High-efficiency open display case: $20 per linear foot 
    • High-efficiency freezer doors: $60 each low heat, $100 each no-heat 
    • Strip curtains: $4 per square foot 
    • Suction pipe insulation for refrigerators and freezers: $0.75 per linear foot 
    • High-efficiency compressors: $80 per ton 
    • Condenser and evaporative fan variable-frequency drives: $125 per hp 
    • Evaporative condensers: $70 per ton 
    • Floating-head pressure controls: $20 per ton 
    • Reach-in cooler controls: $100 per cooler 
    • Beverage machine controls: $100 per machine 
    • Snack machine controls: $40 per machine
    • Refrigerated beverage vending machine: $130 each
    • High-efficiency ultra-low temperature freezers: $125–$175 each 

    Data center rebates  

    • Networked PC power management software: $8 per desktop 
    • Server virtualization: $300 per server 
    • High-efficiency server replacement: $200-$375 per server 
    • Outside-air economizers: $50 per ton 
    • Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) for HVAC pumps up to 100 horsepower: $90 per hp 
    • Electronically commutated motors (ECMs) for HVAC applications: $75 per hp, up to 1 hp 
    • Permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) for HVAC applications: $105–$200 per hp, up to 1 hp 
    • ECMs for computer room air conditioners/computer room air handlers: $250 per hp 
    • High-efficiency computer room air conditioners (CRACs): up to $400 per ton 

    Kitchen equipment rebates  

    • Griddle: $225 each 
    • Electric steam cooker: $250 each 
    • Dishwasher: $200–$800 each 
    • Hot food holding cabinet: $225–$700 each
    • Hot food holding cabinet door gasket: $2.50 per linear foot
    • Ice maker: $50–$215 each
    • Electric convection oven: $175 each 
    • Electric vat fryer: $150–$250 each 
    • Electric combination oven: $550–$1,000 each 
    • High-efficiency pre-rinse spray valve: $75 each 
    • VFDs on kitchen exhaust hoods: $300 per hp 

    Other rebates  

    • Roof/ceiling insulation: (retrofit) $0.20 per square foot 
      (new construction) $0.05 per square foot
    • Cool roof coating: (retrofit) Spray-on/paint-on - $0.10 per square foot; membrane - $0.20 per Square foot 
      (new construction) Spray-on/paint-on - $0.05 per square foot; membrane - $0.10 per square foot
    • Heat pump water heaters: $250 per Tier 1 (EF of 2.35 to < 2.5); $300 per Tier 2 (EF of 2.5 or greater) 
    • Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) on domestic water pumps: $90 per hp 
    • Variable-speed pool pump: $135 per hp 
    • Window film: $0.75 per square foot, maximum solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) 0.35
    • Shade screens: $1.00 per square foot, maximum SHGC 0.25

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    How to claim your rebate

    There are multiple ways to start the rebate process:

    Contact an SRP Trade Ally

    Our participating contractors can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

    Find a contractorOpen new site.
    Get in touch with us

    Call (602) 236-3054(602) 236-3054 or email savewithsrpbiz@srpnet.com.

    Email us

    Program requirements and resources  

    Find resources to learn more about the program and complete the paperwork process right here. Click the link to download each document.  

    As part of the rebate application review process, the program may require on-site verification of either existing or installed equipment. Please contact a program representative for more information.