High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP)

See how new infrastructure will meet the increased demands of the Intel expansion.

See how new infrastructure will meet the increased demands of the Intel expansion. To contact SRP about this project, please call (855) 584-1484.

Construction information


On December 16, 2021, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) for the construction of Salt River Project’s High-Tech Interconnect Project (HIP) to serve Intel’s Chandler campus.

The HIP will be constructed in phases. Once the design for the transmission line is complete and a construction schedule has been defined, SRP will mail a letter to notify the community in advance of construction commencing and will add a timeline reference to this webpage.

Project Scope

The HIP will provide high-voltage transmission system additions required to meet the energy and reliability needs for Intel’s planned expansion of its Ocotillo campus while also supporting the needs of existing and future businesses within the Price Road Corridor (PRC). Although the need for the HIP and the timing are direct outcomes of Intel’s expansion, the additional 230-kilovolt (kV) transmission system redundancy will result in broader reliability benefits for the rest of SRP’s transmission system in the PRC as well as the customers it serves. The Intel expansion will require SRP to build a new 230 kV substation on Intel’s campus, as well as new 230 kV transmission lines connecting the campus to the Henshaw and Schrader substations.

Construction Activity

Construction will commence immediately on Intel’s dedicated Parlett Substation (formerly called RS-28). The Parlett Substation will be located on approximately 23 acres of land on the Intel Ocotillo campus east of Old Price Road and north of the Chandler Heights Road alignment. The substation will be enclosed by a 12-foot-tall decorative masonry wall around the entire perimeter that will be built in phases.


A substation is an electrical facility that converts high-voltage circuits, such as 230 kV, to low-voltage circuits. Parlett Substation will convert 230 kV to 34.5 kV and 12 kV circuits using multiple transformers. A substation also monitors and protects each high- and low-voltage circuit and provides operational control to ensure the system is safe, reliable and maintainable.

Sample 230 kV Structure

Sample 230 kV Substation

Contact Us

For questions regarding construction activity, please call (602) 236-2872 or email 2872Line@srpnet.com.