Security lighting

SRP's security lighting provides illumination when you most need it – from dusk to dawn.

A light-control photocell automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn. Security lighting can provide visibility and security at night – critical to both pedestrian safety and the reduction of vandalism, graffiti, theft and other crimes.

Security lighting contributes to the safety of citizens and can help avoid future liability due to inadequate lighting levels.

Public and municipal lighting

SRP-provided security lighting is limited to illumination of the following: public school grounds; public thoroughfares, parks, playgrounds and walkways; publicly owned, lighted street signs; municipal parking lots for municipal, state, county or other governmental entities; homeowners' associations, churches and public schools.

Residential and commercial lighting

As of April 1, 2015, SRP will no longer offer the Private Security Lighting Equipment Rider for the Private Lighting Price Plan, which applies to SRP's Security Lighting Program (commonly referred to as "Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting").


SRP offers two unmetered lighting price plans. They include fixtures and/or poles owned and maintained by SRP, or you have the option to own and maintain your own equipment.

If you decide to go with SRP-owned equipment, a 10-year contract is required to be signed prior to installation. The monthly charge runs from about $20 to $80 per light fixture* for a 10-year contract. Also, SRP charges an initial $600 fee per light fixture. Depending on the style of light you choose, additional charges may apply.

If you wish to install, own and maintain your own light(s), SRP requires a "power only" agreement to be signed prior to SRP coming out to energize your lights. There is an upfront, underground connection fee per light as well. This is applicable for all SRP customers who wish to have an unmetered price plan.

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Pole and fixture options

An existing pole will be used whenever possible. If an existing pole is not available, you have the option of paying a monthly charge to have SRP install a pole, or install your own pole and light fixture. Customer-owned poles must be inspected and approved by SRP and must be accessible to SRP trucks. The contract provides for electrical service only to customer-installed poles.

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All necessary trenching and conduit installation must be completed before SRP can begin lighting installation. In addition, you (or your electrical contractor) are responsible for the installation of a J-Box (the point of electrical connection and delivery) at the pole site. Additional cost and/or construction requirements may be applicable.

If you have any questions about security lighting, please e-mail us or call us at (602) 236-8888.

*The monthly charge is based upon the light fixture type selected rather than on the electricity usage (SRP-provided security lights are not metered).

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