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Join SRP's electric vehicle (EV) community to connect with fellow EV enthusiasts, help drive the use of electric vehicles, and be on the list for future focus groups, surveys and more. Sign up below; upon approval, you’ll receive a gift card to Amazon.com within 20 business days.

To join, you must:

  • Reside in a SRP residential account household.
  • Own or lease a qualified electric vehicle (as listed in form). Only electric vehicles that can travel on the freeway at highway speeds are eligible. Licensed or unlicensed vehicles such as electric golf carts and neighborhood electric vehicles such as the GEM, Columbia, E-Z-Go, Peapod, etc. are not eligible for the gift card.
  • Complete the online form. NOTE: SRP customers are eligible to receive one gift card, per vehicle. A form must be completed for each electric vehicle. SRP employees are not eligible for the gift card offer.
  • Submit a scanned PDF or photo of your Arizona automobile registration.

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