Managing electrical projects

The Business Center Project Facilitation Group's objective is to "improve processes to meet our customers' needs." We manage and facilitate customer-driven projects that bridge multiple departments within the framework of SRP.

Whether it's establishing new or additional electric services for your facility or investigating power reliability issues that may affect your business, SRP's Project Facilitation Group has a dedicated Strategic Distribution Manager providing you with a single point of contact for your interactions with SRP's distribution design and construction services, system maintenance services and cable replacement operations.

Your Strategic Distribution Manager can also assist in arranging planned outages that you or SRP require in order to perform necessary maintenance activities.

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Strategic Distribution Managers

Our team is adept at handling new construction, modification and maintenance issues and possess the skills and experience to successfully deal with outage and power reliability concerns. They can leverage many resources when it comes to addressing your needs. You can learn more about each Strategic Distribution Manager below.

Tony Alvarado

Principal Strategic Distribution Manager, CEM
Tel: (602) 236-2375
Fax: (602) 236-4479

Tony Alvarado has been with SRP since 1990. He has extensive experience with SRP's corporate pricing, resource planning, customer service and more.

Tony serves as the project manager for complex, large-scale, new, enhanced services construction projects.

A native of Arizona, Tony earned his Bachelor of Science in finance from Arizona State University, Master of Business Administration in management from Western International University and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).

John Ballard

Strategic Distribution Manager, CEM
Tel: (602) 236-5630
Fax: (602) 629-8372

John Ballard has been with Salt River Project for over 16 years, with experience in customized power solutions, the deregulated utility marketplace, demand side management efficiency projects, commercial insurance, electronic controls, transportation logistics and more.

John received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and also earned the CEM designation. He is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), is active in community, church, and civic affairs and serves on the Board of Directors for the Chandler Education Foundation.

Customer groups: Eastern Mining Area, cities, towns, municipalities, colleges and universities, school districts, governmental services, Native American communities, miscellaneous public services and miscellaneous agriculture/dairy

Jim Custis

Strategic Distribution Manager
Tel: (602) 236-4496
Fax: (602) 236-4479

Jim Custis has been with SRP for over 20 years, with experience in distribution design, construction, mapping, customer service and more.

A native of Arizona, Jim earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Northern Arizona University. Jim is active in the community and is an AIA wrestling referee.

Customer groups: Banking, finance and insurance, information, chemicals, petroleum and plastics, miscellaneous manufacturing, machinery and metal forming, retail stores and mail order

Doug Gooch

Strategic Distribution Manager
Tel: (602) 236-4484
Fax: (602) 236-4479

Doug Gooch joined SRP in 2015, after 20 years in the electric power systems industry helping commercial business owners harden operations using power quality mitigation and backup power generation.

Doug received a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University and is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers and Arizona Power Quality Association. He actively serves in the community coaching youth sports and as a leader in Boys Scouts of America.

Customer groups: Healthcare, semiconductor, lodging, food and warehousing, convenience stores, and automotive

Chandra Mergan

Strategic Distribution Manager, CEM
Tel: (602) 236-4473
Fax: (602) 236-4479

Chandra Mergan has been with SRP since 1994. She has extensive experience with SRP distribution operations, customer service and more.

A native of Arizona, Chandra is an active community volunteer and supporter of Rotary International. She earned her Bachelor of Science in public relations from Northern Arizona University and is a CEM.

Customer groups: Electronics, manufacturing and communications

Hector Penunuri

Strategic Distribution Manager, CEM
Tel: (602) 236-4251
Fax: (602) 629-4269

Hector Penunuri has been with SRP for 20 years, with experience in customer service, energy management, operations and more.

Hector earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University, is a CEM and member of the Arizona Power Quality Association. He is also active in the community and has served on several boards, including Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Dignity Health.

Customer groups: Realty, transportation, utilities, postal services and wholesale trade

Enhanced services

We have a variety of enhanced services, including:

  • Customer substations
  • Dedicated feeds
  • Automatic transfer switches

System operations and maintenance

Learn about operations and maintenance events that can have an impact on your power, including:

  • Cable placement projects
  • Customer-required outages
  • Outage management center
  • SRP-required outages
  • Power reliability

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