Teacher workshops

SRP provides workshops and comprehensive in-service programs for Arizona educators related to the water and energy industries.

All of SRP's in-service programs and supporting materials are available free of charge. Can't find something you need? Call (602) 236-2484, or send an email to educate@srpnet.com.

Fall workshop registration


Workshop details

We offer half-day workshops each fall and spring and preregistration is required.

Each June, several multi-day workshops are offered that delve deeper into STEM, sustainability and water related topics. The application period for June workshops begins in early spring.

See a detailed description of the fall and spring workshops typically offered.


  • Arizona Water Story (Grades 3-6): Although oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface, only 3% of that seemingly inexhaustible supply is freshwater, with only 1% considered usable freshwater. SRP offers an in-service primer about the desert's most precious resource. Workshop topics include central Arizona water history, water management concepts, environmental water issues and water science. Participants will receive water resource materials and a video.
  • Engineering Our Future (Grades K-2): Engineering Our Future is designed for K-2 teachers. It is a 4-hour workshop where teachers will learn about the engineering design process, the transference of energy, renewable and nonrenewable resources and conservation. Background content knowledge and classroom-ready materials will be provided. Curriculum is tied to State Standards and teachers will receive 4 hours of Continuing Education Credits.
  • Electricity and Magnetism (Grade 3-6): This module has been developed to assist educators in understanding and teaching concepts of electricity and magnetism, and the lessons are aligned to Arizona state academic standards.
  • Oral History 101: Adding a VOICE into Your Curriculum (Grades 4 - 12): This workshop provides teachers with the tools and materials to implement oral history projects in the classroom. As students listen to and document first-hand historical accounts by community members history will come to life. These new voices will expand students’ understanding of history by providing additional context and dimension to past events.
  • Powering Our Future (Grades 3-6, 7-12): This workshop focuses on renewable energy technologies and energy conservation. The Powering Our Future program includes complete lesson plans as well as extensive background information for educators.
  • Solar Summit (Grades 3-6, 7-12): This workshop is tailored to those who want to learn more about solar energy in Arizona, why we don't have more of it and how we can best teach about it. This workshop will deepen teachers' content knowledge about how solar energy (specifically photovoltaic energy) works and give teachers the tools and resources to teach about solar power.