Arizona Water Story

Arizona Water Story, an upper elementary unit of study, provides Arizona fourth grade teachers with a comprehensive water education unit incorporating social studies and science concepts.

Instruction on the program is offered periodically through SRP's teacher training.

This lesson has been excerpted from SRP's Arizona Water Story supplementary curriculum resource for 4th grade teachers and students. Students watch an informational video about AZ history and the unique role water has played in the development of Phoenix. To order a copy of the entire Arizona Water Story curriculum resource, or to attend an in-service workshop on the program, call (602) 236-2798.

  • 3rd Grade standards: SS S1C7PO1
  • 4th Grade standards: listed within lesson plan
  • 5th Grade standards: SS S1C1PO3,5; S1C5PO2

About the unit

Image of the Arizona Water Story teachers' guideThis unit is designed for use in grades 4-6, but is best for fourth grade teachers as it may be particularly useful as a supplement to the study of Arizona as a state, or as a supplement to a physical science unit on natural resources.

Every effort has been made to integrate many subject areas (geography, history, science, math, and art) and to help students develop specific skills, such as critical thinking, organizing data, predicting, mapping and graphing.

The goals of this unit are to teach students:

  • The importance of water as a natural resource
  • How water relates to the state's geography
  • The nature of the hydrologic cycle
  • The place of water in Arizona's history and its importance in Arizona's economy
  • How water is used and transported around the state
  • The importance of water conservation
  • The importance of how water is managed

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