Guarding our most precious resource: water

Many organizations in the West can claim to be guardians of their region's water supply, but at SRP we live and breathe water. As the organization that initiated the construction of Roosevelt Dam, one of the state's first dams, SRP has ensured a metropolitan area would flourish because of a consistent water supply.

We have a firm understanding of what it takes to manage a sustainable water supply for millions of residents in an arid climate. We dedicate the expertise of our analysts, hydrologists and engineers every day to make sure you have the water you need to thrive in a desert metropolitan environment – now and into the future.

Approximate distance, in miles, your water travels to get from the source to your home

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Acre feet of water we deliver annually, enough to serve 1.6 million homes


Reservoirs we manage to provide water to Greater Phoenix

Where your water comes from: Modern engineering assisted by the landscape

The water we ultimately help deliver to your home starts with snowfall in the mountains of northern and eastern Arizona. The state's rivers and streams deliver to it to seven reservoirs we manage, from which gravity carries it downstream via riverbeds and canals to water treatment plants operated by the cities in which you live.

We work every day to protect these mountains and streams, to ensure they continue providing water to the people that depend upon it day in and day out, giving Phoenix and the surrounding cities one of the highest levels of water security that can be found anywhere.

Supplies for the future: A never ending quest to do better

SRP's water delivery system has served greater Phoenix for more than a century, but that doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels. Our researchers are constantly seeking new ways to better manage the supplies we have, and actively working to identify new sources of water that will sustain our region for the next century.

Whether it means working with partner agencies to co-manage your water or seeking new technologies that improve operations, we never stop in our quest to be the best possible stewards of the desert's most precious resource.

Conservation: A cost-effective way towards a sustainable water future

Science, engineering and research provide promising new methods and discoveries on how to best manage your water resources in a changing world – but nothing delivers the immediate result of stretching water supplies like conservation. That's why we partner with neighboring cities, water agencies and area businesses to identify and promote ways for all of us to reduce our use of water.

Whether it be SRP lining our canals to reduce seepage or partnering with others to reduce the amount of water homeowners use when watering their landscaping, we know that every drop counts. We offer numerous ways that you can partner with us so that together, we can all do our part to improve Greater Phoenix's water future.