Get help paying your bill and lowering energy costs

SRP offers customers in need a variety of assistance options as well as programs to help reduce costs and cut energy usage at home.


  • Economy Price Plan: The Economy Price Plan can reduce energy costs by $276 annually ($23 per month) for households with incomes below the eligibility threshold. M-Power customers are eligible for this discount.

Price plans

  • Time-of-Day Price Plans: SRP Time-of-Day Price Plans offer lower energy prices during off-peak hours and charge higher prices during specific on-peak hours Monday-Friday. They're beneficial to customers whose August bill is typically greater than $125.
  • M-Power®: This prepayment plan gives you control over your budget and cash flow. Using an SRP M-Power smart card puts you in control of when to buy power, and how much, just like buying gas for a car.
  • Basic Price Plan: SRP's standard price plan is good for customers who don't use a lot of energy, are seasonal visitors or find that other plans aren't a good fit for their lifestyle and household.

Payment options

  • Calendar icon Custom Due Date: Choose the day each month that your bill is due to better fit your budget and schedule.
  • Bar chart icon with an averaging trend line though it Budget Billing: Take the guesswork out of budgeting for your SRP bill by paying a similar amount each month.
  • Paid rubber stamp icon SurePay: With SRP SurePay™, your bills are paid automatically from your bank account.
  • eChex: SRP eChex is a free service that lets you pay your SRP bill out of your checking account – without writing a paper check. Envelope with a green leaf over it

Get assistance

  • Customer Resource Counselors: SRP Counselors can explore payment options and provide referrals to community agencies for possible assistance with SRP bills, shelter, food, clothing or medical care. Counselors can also sign customers up for a discount and/or programs to help them save, reduce and manage their SRP bills.
  • Project SHARE: One-time emergency assistance for people who, due to crisis situations, are unable to pay their basic household energy bills and have exhausted all other potential sources of aid. The Salvation Army administers and distributes Project SHARE funds.
  • Arizona Community Action Association: The ACAA unites communities to end poverty through community-based initiatives and solutions. They offer assistance with utility bills through various federal, state and local programs.

Reduce energy costs

  • Weatherization assistance: In addition to federal funding, SRP provides up to $6,000 per eligible household for energy-efficiency home improvements on top of federal funding. Improvements can include insulation, window shading, low-flow showerheads and more.
  • Home Energy-Savings Checklist Document is a PDF: Find no-cost/low-cost ways to maximize energy savings and reduce household energy bills.
  • My Account / Account alerts and reminders: Monitor your hourly and daily energy use, set helpful alerts to stay within budget and view and pay your bill quickly by signing up for My Account. Sign up for account alerts via My Account to avoid late charges by receiving billing and due date reminders and weekly bill estimates.