Landlord Agreement automatic turn-on terms

This Agreement provides the Owner of rental homes and/or apartment complexes an automatic turn-on arrangement whereby an account for electric services will be automatically transferred to the Owner's name when such an account is not in the name of the tenant.

SRP provides this service as a convenience to the Owner only for the cleaning and/or showing of a dwelling. If the Owner rents units with utilities included or converts the property into condominiums, this Landlord Agreement shall be deemed immediately terminated, and the security deposit will be evaluated and increased according to SRP’s deposit guidelines.

The Owner and SRP hereby agree as follows:

  • SRP shall provide electric service and render bills in accordance with its applicable residential and non-residential electric service rates, price plans, riders, Rules and Regulations, and other applicable standards and policies, including SRP’s commercial and residential credit policies.
  • The Owner acknowledges and that a turn on order may occur at any time during the day and assumes risk of fire or damage to personal property if any appliance or other electronic devices are turned on at the time power is reconnected. A service fee, determined by SRP, shall be charged the Owner to initially establish service in the Owner’s name for each account. Thereafter, when an account is transferred automatically from a tenant’s name to the Owner, no service fee will be charged for that account.
  • The Owner must have a primary account in the Owner’s name, and the Owner shall provide a security deposit, to be determined by SRP, for each automatic turn-on account. The deposit will be held on the Owner’s primary account until this Landlord Agreement is terminated. At such time, said deposit, less any sums owed to SRP by the Owner, shall be returned to the Owner. The deposit is subject to periodic review and may be adjusted and increased by SRP according to SRP’s security deposit policies and guidelines.
  • The Owner shall be responsible for payment of bills rendered for service on the account until a new tenant requests service in his or her name. Any unpaid account balances will be transferred to the primary account. It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that a new tenant applies for service in the tenant’s name. SRP has created an Internet site that allows the Owner to securely view accounts for which the Owner is SRP’s customer of record. SRP will assist the Owner in setting up access to the Internet site after this Landlord Agreement is in effect.
  • The Owner acknowledges and agrees that the Owner shall have no authority to order SRP to disconnect service to any account while the Landlord Agreement is in effect. The Owner further acknowledges that the Owner shall not restrict or prohibit product or service offerings between SRP and its customer, which may also be the Owner’s tenant. If a tenant’s service is disconnected for non-payment, the Owner or the Owner’s representative must provide SRP with the SRP reference number for reinstatement of service in such cases. If the Owner wants service connected the same day, a same day service fee will be charged. There will be no charge for connections made the following SRP business day (typically Monday-Friday except for holidays). When a tenant’s prepay meter is removed, a standard meter will be installed at no charge on the following SRP business day. If a same day replacement is requested by Owner, a same day service fee will be charged.
  • SRP may cancel this Agreement without prior notice to the Owner or cure period should the Owner: (i) be delinquent in payment on any SRP account; (ii) restrict or prohibit tenants from participating in any of SRP’s product or service offerings; or (iii) be in default or in violation of any of the terms and conditions of this Landlord Agreement, SRP’s Rules and Regulations, or applicable credit policy. Otherwise, this Landlord Agreement may be canceled for convenience at any time upon 30 days written notice by either party.

How to submit a Landlord Agreement

You can view and print the Landlord Agreement sign-up form here Document is a PDF. Please return the completed Landlord Agreement and a check for the covered units to:

Customer Accounting
P.O. Box 60370
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3070

If you have any questions, you can reach us at (602) 236-8888 or by email at