Beware of utility scams targeting SRP customers

When in doubt, give us a shout: (602) 236-8888 (residential customers), or (602) 236-8833 (business customers) 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

What you can do

  • If you are suspicious of any interaction with someone claiming to be from SRP, call our Residential Contact Center, (602) 236-8888, or our Business Contact Center, (602) 236-8833, for information about your account or to identify SRP employees.
  • Sign up for My Account and manage your SRP accounts online or through our free mobile app 24/7.
  • Never give your credit or debit card number, account details, or other personal information to any caller or visitor without knowing their true identity.
  • Use the Better Business Bureau's scam tracker to stay informed and report scams or fraud.
  • Familiarize yourself with the top three most frequently used utility scams listed below. For more information, visit the BBB scam tips page for articles about current tactics and safety tips.

Know the top three most frequently used scam tactics

  1. Threat of disconnection within a short time-frame, sometimes an hour or less, unless you pay.
    Fact: If your payment is past due, we send out a reminder bill.
  2. Ask you to pay with Bitcoin or a prepaid money card such as MoneyPak, Green Dot, or Vanilla.
    Fact: SRP never requests payment via these forms. We offer a variety of ways to pay your bill.
  3. Person claims to be an SRP employee and requests payment in person.
    Fact: We do not request payment in person. Also, SRP employees always wear company uniforms and have a photo I.D. badge. They will identify themselves, the purpose of their visit and be driving a company vehicle that has the SRP name and logo on the side. SRP employees only enter a customer's home upon request or while on official company business.

Is it a scam?

No. To pay your bill, you must submit your payments directly to SRP. Please let us know if someone contacts you about this by calling (602) 236-8888 (residential) or (602) 236-8833 (business).

SRP will not call and demand payment for normal meter replacement. Do not pay. Hang up and call SRP at (602) 236-8888 (residential) or (602) 236-8833 (business) to determine if there is an issue with your meter.

Don't click on the link. If you did sign-up to receive eBills, log-in to My Account to view your bill or make a payment Also, residential customers on most price plans can keep track of usage, bills and more through our free mobile app.

Do not let them in or pay. If your payment is past due, we do not collect payments in-person. Our field employees cannot accept payment. We send out a reminder bill if the account becomes eligible for disconnection. If the person is claiming they need to perform repairs or upgrades, call us to confirm they are an employee. All employees wear SRP logo shirts, have an I.D. badge and will be driving a vehicle with a SRP logo.

SRP does have partnerships with some preferred residential solar installers. Check that the company is listed on SRP's preferred solar installer list. SRP preferred solar installers are not affiliates or agents of SRP and SRP assumes no liability for their products or services.

Unless you scheduled an appointment with SRP, no SRP employee will ask to enter a customer's home. SRP does not sell products or services door to door.

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