Reporting irrigation water theft

What looks at first glance to be willful water theft is often an unintentional leak caused by a broken yard valve or pipe.

Work with affected neighbors to see if you can talk to the person taking water. Discuss ways you can collaborate to repair the valve or line break if one exists.

You can also seek out the help of a key homeowner if your neighborhood has one.

Under no circumstance should you enter someone’s private property to address the water leak or theft issue yourself. You must have the owner’s permission to enter his or her property.

If speaking with your neighbor is unsuccessful, please call SRP Water Contact Center at (602) 236-3333.

SRP representatives may be able to assist by contacting the neighbor. We may also recommend neighborhood education or using SRP’s mediation service to resolve the issue.

In some cases, you may want to contact law enforcement and pursue the problem as a civil matter under the criminal code or other state statues. Several laws, including Arizona Revised Statute 45-112, apply to the taking or wasting of water.

SRP does not have the authority to evaluate or interpret how existing laws apply to an individual case, nor can SRP employees offer legal advice in situations where water theft is suspected.