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The M-Power in-home display shows the 'Cost Yesterday' and 'Cost Last Month,' helping you monitor your energy use in dollars and cents. You may also use the 'Present electric demand' to see the amount of energy you are currently using.

  1. Be sure you are reducing energy use. Check out energy-saving tips.
  2. See if another price plan would better fit your household and lifestyle.

If you want to switch to a different plan, call (602) 236-8888.

The kilowatt-hour (kWh) or unit cost of energy is different in winter and summer regardless of your price plan. The price you pay rises and falls with the demand for electricity.

During the coolest months, customer usage, generation costs and the price you pay are lowest. During the hottest months, customer usage skyrockets and generation costs to meet peak demand are highest.

Billing months

Chart of different yearly pricing periods

Those customers switching rate plans, but not establishing service at a new address, are not subject to the turn-on fee.

The M-Power in-home display plugs into an outlet and is used to load your smart card purchase to the meter and view your energy usage. You can track energy costs by the hour, day and month. You can also track costs for the current month and previous months to help you use less energy and save money. The display makes it easy to see how much credit is remaining on your meter. Based on your current usage, you'll even receive an alert when only a few days of energy remain.

When your service is turned on, you may pay over time the refundable $102.50 equipment deposit and $11.50 refurbishment fee for the M-Power in-home display. The $102.50 deposit applies to your account when you turn off service. In the event the in-home display is damaged, lost or not returned when the account is closed, the charge is $133 plus tax. There is no cost for the smart cards.

The $102.50 equipment deposit you paid, including any unpaid interest earned, will be applied to your final bill. If applying the deposit results in a credit balance on your account, a refund check for the balance will be sent to you at the mailing address you provided when service is turned off.

Interest on your deposit is earned at the average certificate of deposit (CD) rate paid by local financial institutions. SRP will credit the interest to your account in January when the deposit has been held for at least six consecutive months. The interest rate is reviewed annually and adjusted as needed. View the SRP residential credit policy.

Yes. After the payment has been made, contact SRP to verify that it has been received*. Once SRP has verified the payment, you can visit an SRP PayCenter and insert $1 to load the eChex or credit or debit card payment onto the smart card.

*Please note that there is a fee charged by a third party for credit or debit card payments. Please allow one business day for payment processing.

If you run out of credit, your meter will disconnect and you will need to make a purchase to restore power. If you run out of credit between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., your meter will stay connected and enter the Friendly Credit hours mode. You must buy power prior to 8 a.m. the next day to avoid a power interruption. The next time you load your smart card to your in-home display, the cost of any electricity used during Friendly Credit hours will be subtracted from your purchase amount.

SRP extends $30 credit to get you started. This amount, along with the equipment deposit, if applicable, and any applicable fees and/or transferred balances are paid down each time you make a purchase.

*$1,000 is the maximum back balance that can be carried over from a credit account.

A customer meeting income guidelines may qualify for the EPP. Customers on the medical discount/rider are not eligible for the M-Power program.

SRP will remove the credit from your meter at the time of your turn off. Any credit or accumulated debt will be adjusted on your final bill.

The most convenient way to return your in-home display is by U.S. mail. Simply place the display in its original shipping box and use the postage-paid label already attached to the bottom to send it back to SRP. If you don’t have the original box anymore, call us at (602) 236-8855 and we will mail you a postage-paid envelope.

Your SRP M-Power in-home display can also be returned to any return station (listed below). Using a return station is easy:

  1. Place the in-home display in the envelope provided at the station.
  2. Seal the envelope.
  3. Remove the confirmation tag from the envelope to keep for your records.
  4. Drop the envelope in the station.

The in-home display will be processed, and any account adjustments will be completed within three to five business days.

In-home display return stations can be found at these locations:

  • 3160 S. Alma School Road, Mesa, AZ 85210 (Alma School Road south of Guadalupe Road)
  • 7050 E. University Drive, Mesa, AZ 85207 (University east of Power Road)
  • 221 N. 79th Ave. Tolleson, AZ 85353 (79th Ave. south of Van Buren)
  • 1521 N. Project Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281 (southeast of Van Buren across from the Phoenix Zoo)
  • 3735 E. Combs Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85140 (southeast side of Combs and Schnepf roads)

Yes, over the next two years, SRP will be upgrading meters and in-home displays. The new equipment will lay the foundation for future enhancements, including the ability to view your daily usage history online and, ultimately, purchase power using your PC, laptop or smartphone. Be on the lookout for more communication from SRP as we keep you informed about when we will visit your home to exchange your equipment.

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