SRP M-Power Price Plan

This prepayment plan gives you control over your budget and cash flow. Using an SRP M-Power® smart card, you can buy power when you want - in the amount you want.

  • Buy energy in the amount you choose at any of our SRP PayCenter® machines (looks like an ATM) in grocery stores, convenience stores and SRP offices throughout metropolitan Phoenix
  • Use an in-home display unit to monitor your energy costs
  • Save energy – the average M-Power customer reduces energy usage by 12% annually
  • Enjoy the convenience of no monthly bills or late charges
  • The equipment deposit is only $87.50

Get an overview of M-Power.

Plan prices

To find out what you would pay on M-Power, please see the charts on this page.

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Start enjoying the benefits of M-Power. Just call (602) 236-8855 (para EspaƱol oprime 2) to enroll.

What you need to do to save money

Use the M-Power in-home display unit to see how simple changes can produce visible energy savings in your home. More than 90% of M-Power customers believe they use energy more wisely on this plan.

Reducing energy usage is easier than you think. Check out other SRP money-saving tips and offers to help you live wisely in the desert.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to questions about M-Power.

For more details about M-Power prices (also called E-24), view the M-Power Price Plan sheet Document is a PDF.

What do M-Power customers have to say?

See how the M-Power equipment works.

  • "M-Power helps me control my electric bill. I can tell how much I'm spending or saving during the week or month. It helps me stretch my money farther. Getting a bill at the end of the month was too much. Now I control my spending."
    - Frederico L.
  • "Wish I'd switched before... we're saving so much money."
    - Marti C.
  • "The one thing that I like the that you know how much you are spending per day, so you can cut down on what you're using to save power and energy."
    - Corliss J.
  • "They seem to pay more attention to leaving the lights on... They're more conscious...Now the box gives them a visual and they seem to appreciate it more."
    - John Z., commenting on what his children have learned from the M-Power box.

Helpful resources

M-Power could be a good fit for you if:

  • You want control over energy costs and budget
  • You prefer to pay as you go for energy
  • You want to reduce energy use and monitor closely
  • You don't want a monthly bill
  • You want to eliminate any surprises
  • You have roommates and need to split costs

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