Public involvement

Planning ahead to serve its customers is one reason why SRP is an industry leader in power reliability, system performance, power restoration and customer satisfaction.

About Public Involvement

SRP's Public Involvement department actively pursues constructive interaction with communities to site critical infrastructure or other sensitive SRP projects.

Public Involvement incorporates technical and educational elements in its outreach efforts to the people, organizations and jurisdictional planning groups in each community. The department then works to ensure that SRP project management receives constructive feedback from the communities.

Once a project is sited, Public Involvement remains in contact with the community through construction providing a continuous thread of communication from project start to finish.

Developing working relationships with local residents, organizations and community leaders helps SRP provide the infrastructure necessary to meet the electric and water needs of those who live, work, and play in Arizona.

Generation projects

Extra-high voltage power line projects

These include active 500kV, 230kV and 115kV power line siting and construction projects. Please visit for more detailed information about all extra-high voltage (EHV) siting processes.


500kV projects currently under construction:

  • Pinal West to Southeast Valley/Browning (PW-SEV/BRG)
    The PW-SEV/BRG project involves transporting power from the new Pinal West (PW) substation in western Pinal County to a new 500 kV substation that will interconnect with the existing Santa Rosa substation. The 500 kV line will extend to the Abel (formerly known as Southeast Valley) substation in northeastern Pinal County.

There are no 500kV projects currently in the siting process.

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230kV projects currently in the siting process:

  • Price Road Corridor
    A public process is underway to site new 230-kilovolt (kV) power lines and two new 230kV substations. These new facilities will provide greater reliability and enhance the overall electric system for customers in south Tempe and Chandler.

230kV projects currently in design and construction:

  • Desert Basin
    SRP completed the process of siting a 230-kilovolt (230kV) transmission line from the Desert Basin Generating Station to the permitted PW-SEV/BRG 500/230kV corridor. The 230kV line will then continue to the Pinal Central (formerly Pinal South) substation to be built east of Casa Grande, near Eleven Mile Corner Road.
  • Abel-Moody
    SRP will build a double-circuit 230kV transmission line connecting the Abel substation to a previously sited 230/69kV substation site to serve developing areas in and around Queen Creek. The new transmission line will also connect to a new 230/69kV substation that was sited as part of this project.


115kV projects currently in design:

  • Superior-Silver King Relocation
    At the request of Resolution Copper Mining, LLC, SRP will relocate approximately one mile of an existing 115kV line on Resolution's property.

Arizona Permitted Corridors

View an interactive map of the extra high voltage permitted corridors throughout the state on our joint utility Web site.

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69kV distribution lines

The 69kV distribution system is the backbone of SRP's neighborhood electrical system. By connecting neighborhood substations, this system provides power to your immediate community.

69kV projects currently in the design phase:

  • Morcom Loop (Queen Creek)
    A new power line will connect the future Morcom substation on Ellsworth (just south of Riggs Road) to the existing 69kV line on Empire Road.
  • Mesa/Apache Junction: Browning-Scussel line
    A new power line will connect Browning substation at Signal Butte, south of Guadalupe Road, to the planned Scussel substation near Lost Dutchman Heights.
  • Pinal County: Quail-Meacham-Watkins line
    A new power line will connect the future Watkins and Meacham substations to the existing electrical system in northeastern Pinal County.
  • Pinal County: Quail-Shipley line
    A new power line will connect the Quail substation at Quail Run Lane and Bella Vista Road to the future Shipley substation at Cooper Road and Judd Road.

There are no 69kV projects currently under construction.

Find out more about all 69kV projects that are proposed, sited or under construction. You can also view a map of the project locations.

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Typical transmission pole characteristics

View the diagram below to see the typical appearance and height of transmission poles.

diagrams of typical transmission structures

Contact us

Please call SRP at (602) 236-2872 or send an e-mail to for more information or to share your comments.

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