Public Involvement

Planning ahead to serve its customers is one reason why SRP is an industry leader in power reliability, system performance, power restoration, water delivery and customer satisfaction. SRP's Public Involvement department actively pursues constructive interaction with communities to site critical infrastructure or to support our customers during sensitive SRP projects.


Power plants

These projects involve the planning, siting and construction of major power plants and generating facilities in Arizona.

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High-voltage lines

These include active 500kV, 230kV and 115kV power line siting and construction projects.

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Power to the home

Crews on these jobs replace cables and poles that bring energy to customers' homes and businesses.

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About Public Involvement

Public Involvement incorporates technical and educational elements in its outreach efforts to the people, organizations and jurisdictional leaders in each community. The department then works to ensure that SRP project management receives constructive feedback from the communities.

Once a project is sited, Public Involvement remains in contact with the community through construction providing a continuous thread of communication from project start to finish.

Developing working relationships with local residents, organizations and community leaders helps SRP provide the infrastructure necessary to meet the electric and water needs of those who live, work, and play in Arizona.

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