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Whether you are a new or current electric vehicle (EV) owner, we've gathered a variety of resources to help you select a model and price plan that works for you.

Selecting an EV

Step 1: Select the type of EV that would best fit your lifestyle

  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) use a combination of gas plus electric. The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery and once the battery is exhausted, the car switches over to the gas powered engine. The range for a PHEV is further, but requires more maintenance than a battery-only EV.
  • Battery electric vehicles (BEV) use an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery only. The distance you can travel is limited by the battery size, however, this is expected to increase as the technology improves. BEVs require significantly less maintenance overall as there are fewer moving parts, no oil changes and less frequent brake jobs needed.

Step 2: Review make and model options

  • The U.S. Consumer's Guide to Electric Vehicles Document is a PDF, updated in February 2017, provides an overview of the newest available models including the EPA estimated driving range and charging time.
  • For detailed report cards and reviews about all currently available models, both new and used, visit Electric Cars Report and Green Car Reports .
  • Special offer extended: The July offer for SRP customers to receive $10,000 off a new 2017 Nissan LEAF has been extended through September. Find out more.

Step 3: Calculate potential savings

Potential savings depend on the EV model, when you charge and your SRP price plan.


The biggest adjustment, and often concern, for first-time EV owners is charging. There are three places to charge your vehicle:

  1. At-home charging
    Installing an at-home charging system varies in cost and is dependent upon your home's existing electric system, the EV charging system you select and your EV model. To get started, review our installation checklist.
  2. At-work charging
    If your employer already provides at-work charging, find out what the rules and requirements are for charging. Not quite there? Start the conversation about the benefits of at-work charging by sharing the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s case studies, resources and fact sheets .
  3. Around the city
    Locate the nearest public charging stations at or Alternative Fuels Data Center .


Celebrate National Drive Electric Week

We invite you to celebrate National Drive Electric Week by sharing your favorite EV story with us. Tell us about that fantastic road trip you took or the first time you charged. We will be randomly selecting six people who share their EV story with us to win.

To share your story and be entered in the drawing:

  1. Visit the SRP Facebook page during National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 9 - 17).
  2. Look for the post announcing the promotion.
  3. Share your EV moment or story as reply to the post. It can include a picture or video.
  4. We will randomly select six people who will be entered to win one of five Harkins movie packs, which include 4 movie tickets and a popcorn voucher. One winner will receive a Clipper Creek PCS-15, Portable 12 Amp Level 1 EVSE, 120V, 25ft cable.

Download the contest rules Document is a PDF.

Ask a question, share an experience

We want to hear from you. Ask your questions about ownership, electric costs, at-home charging and more below.

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