Make irrigation repairs easier with an IWDD

Costs & Benefits of an IWDD

IWDD’s provide fair cost distribution and funds are 100% dedicated to your IWDD. Costs are determined by your IWDD annual budget, which is divided by the number of acres within your IWDD. Costs are conveniently funded through Maricopa County property assessments.

In 2016, the annual average costs for a homeowner with a 0.25 acre property was $62.50.


When challenges arise, your IWDD is there to support the delivery of flood irrigation. Your IWDD not only collects funds, it also coordinates maintenance and repairs in a timely manner.

With the support of SRP and your IWDD, new homeowners will have the knowledge to be successful at flood irrigation.

  • An asset that retains the beauty and legacy of your neighborhood.
  • Eliminates the task of collecting funds from neighbors.
  • Protects your investment.
  • Maintains reliable flood irrigation.
  • Provides swift repair times.
  • Consistent communication between the IWDD and SRP.
  • Transparent and fair management.