Managing water account contact information on My Account

You can manage contacts and your login email via My Account.


Go to the My Account logon page and log in.


Select the "Manage Account" tab, then select "Preference Center".


In the Water account maintenance section, click "Manage your emails, phone numbers and subscriptions".


4. To add a phone number or email, click on the respective link and type in the phone number or email.
*The first email address listed is marked *primary (or log in email address). The primary email cannot be changed here. See step 6 below for changing primary email address.


To delete a phone number or email, drag items to the trash in the "Remove Contact" section.


Click "Change my login email" to enter a new email address and password.
* Any time changes are made to your phone, email address or information subscriptions, SRP will send an email to the primary email to notify you a change was made.