Canal multiple-use

SRP continues to work with cities and developers to integrate portions of the canal system into recreational and commercial development projects.

Canal multiple-use developments are a growing trend in the Valley and currently more than 60 miles of multi-use trails have been developed on the canal banks. Nearly every city in the project's water service territory is constructing or planning projects.

Partnering with cities

SRP works with each city throughout the design process to ensure compatibility with SRP's operational and maintenance needs for the canal system. Projects typically include paved trails, lighting, landscaping, public art and user amenities such as seating, shade structures and pet stations. s

  • Arizona Falls hydroelectric project. This key project is located east of 56th Street along Indian School Road on the Arizona Canal. SRP and the City of Phoenix worked together to integrate a hydro generation project by SRP with canal bank beautification and interpretive structural design that will provide not only power generation and recreational opportunities but serve as an educational source related to hydro generation, canal and area history and alternative energy such as solar power. An interactive tour is available to those who visit Arizona Falls.
  • Canal interpretive sites. In a cooperative effort with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, SRP has developing and installed historic interpretive signs throughout the canal system.

Current projects

The following are projects currently in design or construction:

  • Gilbert Heritage Trail – Consolidated Canal between Guadalupe and Warner roads
  • Scottsdale Arizona Canal Trail – Arizona Canal between Chaparral Road and the Indian Bend Wash will be completed Nov. 4
  • Mesa West Connector Trail – Tempe Canal from Center to Country Club and Tempe Drain from Alma School to Rio Salado
  • Phoenix Grand Canal Trail Phase 1 – Grand Canal between 15th Avenue and 16th Street, Garfield to 40th Street
  • Phoenix Grand Canal Trail Phase 2 – 1-17 to 15th Avenue, 16th Street to Garfield and 40th Street to 56th Street
  • Gilbert eastern Canal Trail – Easter Canal Ray to Warner Roads

History of canal recreation

SRP has allowed licensed recreational use of the canal banks since 1964 when the first recreational use agreement was signed by Maricopa County for the Sun Circle trail, a multi-purpose trail that circles the valley following nearly 68 miles of canal. Since then, other cities have constructed paved and lighted bike paths, bankside landscaping and public art features.

Please note: The canal system is an active operating water delivery system. Any use of the canal banks by the public is done at the user's own risk, and SRP cannot represent that the canal banks are safe for any recreational use.

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