Options for seasonal residents

If you are a seasonal resident who leaves the Phoenix area for several months, you may opt to either close your SRP account when you leave town, or leave it open while you are gone.

Keeping your account open

You may find it easier to keep your SRP account open while you're away. Although a service fee would be charged on your bill each month, the power would be available for use anytime. You would not need to contact us as you leave and return, and there would be no fees to restart your service each fall.

All you need do is note the change to your billing address on the envelope when you make your SRP payments during summer.

If you identified yourself as a seasonal resident, we will send you a Residential Seasonal Visitors Program (RSVP) card each year asking if you want to leave your account open. Please indicate your choice on the card and return it to SRP at least two weeks before you leave.

Electric usage will be registered by the meter if anything is left on in the home, such as the air conditioner or the refrigerator. Before you decide to turn off your cooling system, please read Protecting Your Home From The Heat.

Price plans

You can view the details and charges associated with your price plan:

If you are unsure which price plan you have, check the upper left corner of your SRP electric bill.

Changing your billing address

If you need to change your billing address, sign into MyAccount to use our handy online form. It is quick and easy.

Closing your account

To close your account, use the Canceling Your Electric Service form. If you prefer to talk with a customer service representative, call (602) 236-8888 and let us know what date you want to stop your electric service. You also will need to provide us with the address where we can send your final bill.

When you return to town and want to re-establish electric service, you will need to pay a service turn-on fee upon your return.

You can order electric service for the same day or with one day advance notice, for a fee. Please see the service establishment fees for same-day or next-day service. Fees are subject to change.