HOA corner: Resources for community associations

SRP offers the following services that can be of value to community managers and homeowners' associations.

Desert landscaping

Low-water use turf and xeriscape options can help you save water and money and still keep your community areas looking great. We've tested a variety of products to help you choose.

Child in pool

Swimming pools

They can be very expensive to run, but we have tips on how to keep them from breaking the bank.

Worker pruning trees

Tree planting and pruning

If you're planting or pruning trees, or digging near underground power lines, follow these guidelines to stay safe.

Considering solar?

Our EarthWise Solar Energy program is designed to help reduce the cost of installing a new solar electric or solar water heating system. There are three commercial options in which SRP will help defray your cost.

Power turn-on checklist

Property managers can use this convenient power turn-on checklist.

Street light

Community security

Keeping your community areas well-lit is important to the safety of your residents.

Contact us

If you need to contact us, please refer to this convenient list of SRP contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

SRP is proud to have an alliance with the AACM. Check the AACM website to see if your community is professionally managed by an AACM member.

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