Water safety at home

SRP Safety Connection collaborates with local fire departments to distribute water safety materials.

These materials are available for free from SRP or at the following Valley fire departments:

As part of an ongoing commitment to the communities we serve, SRP coordinates water safety efforts with numerous local organizations.

Firefighters and children in front of a fire truck. Cpaption: 'Valley fire departments.'

SRP volunteers have joined Valley fire departments in going door to door to provide water safety information to families. The annual Valley Water Walk gives thousands of families Valleywide the opportunity to learn about water safety. SRP also has collaborated with Valley fire departments to distribute more than 15,000 CPR instructional videos at annual events.

An adult holding an infant in a swimming pool. Caption: 'Maricopa County city aquatics departments.'

SRP Safety Connection partners with city aquatics departments in Maricopa County during the summer to sponsor free or reduced-price swimming lessons at selected Valley public pools. This year, SRP will sponsor free swimming lessons through the city of Mesa's Making Waves program and reduced-price swimming lessons through the city of Phoenix's Kool Kids program.

Paramedic standing outside. Caption: 'Phoenix Children's Hospital.'

SRP has been a longtime supporter and partner of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Drowning Impact Awareness Month campaign. This purple ribbon campaign was initiated by the Governor's office to increase awareness and educate the public about water safety. Over 1 million purple ribbons have been distributed throughout Arizona. 

An adult woman and children holding signs that say, 'STOP. SRP reminds you to stay safe.' Caption: 'Children's Museum of Phoenix.'

SRP has partnered with the Children's Museum of Phoenix to bring you SRP Safety Month, which typically takes place in June or July. During Safety Month, SRP is at the museum weekly to give educational workshops on water and electric safety

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