Get help reducing energy use and lowering your bill

SRP offers customers a variety of opportunities to save money through rebates, energy efficiency programs and different price plans.

Price plans

  • Time-of-Day Price Plans: SRP Time-of-Day Price Plans offer lower energy prices during off-peak hours and charge higher prices during specific on-peak hours Monday-Friday. They're beneficial to customers whose August bill is typically greater than $125.
  • M-Power®: This prepayment plan gives you control over your budget and cash flow. Using an SRP M-Power smart card puts you in control of when to buy power, and how much, just like buying gas for a car.

Reduce energy costs

  • Save with SRP: Learn ways to cut home energy use and take advantage of rebate programs to make your home and appliances more energy efficient.
  • My Account / eNote alerts and reminders: Monitor your hourly and daily energy use, set helpful alerts to stay within budget and view and pay your bill quickly by signing up for My Account. Sign up for account alerts via My Account to avoid late charges by receiving billing and due date reminders and weekly bill estimates.


  • Economy Price Plan: The Economy Price Plan can reduce energy cost by $228 annually ($17 per month from November–April and $21 per month from May–October) for households with incomes below the eligibility threshold. M-Power customers are eligible for this discount.