Impacts of the price increase

The SRP Board of Directors reduced a proposed 3.9% increase to 3.3% for the first full year it is in effect. The full increase will take effect beginning in April 2016.

As a result of the price changes, the average monthly bill for a typical residential customer will increase by $3.86 for the 12 months beginning with the April 2015 billing cycle. Beginning with the April 2016 billing cycle, the average monthly bill increase for a typical residential customer will be $4.61.

The impacts to the average SRP customer will vary based on the price plan they're on as displayed in the table below.

Price Plan Average monthly energy use of
customers on this plan
Average monthly bill increase
Basic 1,110 kWh $4.61
Time of Use 1,569 kWh $8.23
EZ-3 1,336 kWh $5.81
M-Power Customers who paid $100 for energy purchases can expect to pay $102.90 with the new prices.

Residential customers on our Basic Price Plan can largely offset this increase by switching to the SRP Time-of-Use™ or SRP EZ-3™ plan and shifting energy use to low-cost, weekday and weekend off-peak times. The typical Basic Plan customer would save an average of $4.30 per month on the Time-of-Use plan and an average of $3.61 per month on EZ-3.

Customers can also offset impacts of the proposed price increase by using account management tools through My Account and taking advantage of energy efficiency programs. Additional information is available about these and other ways to save on energy bills.

SRP offers ways to help you reduce costs and offset the impact of the price increase.

Information is available about price plans, energy efficiency programs and other ways to save money on your monthly bill.