Enroll today in Demand Assurance

Limit charges for a higher than usual level of kilowatt demand with the new Demand Assurance program.

Enroll now in this limited time offer and your billed demand charge won't exceed 3 kilowatts (kW) more than your highest-billed demand over the past 12 billing cycles.

The program is open to all customers on the Residential Demand and Customer Generation price plans.

There is no cost and no equipment or installation needed.

How does it work?

Assume your highest billed demand for the past 12 months was 5kW. Due to a special summer event – perhaps a party or some home construction – your demand soars to 10kW.

With Demand Assurance, your billed demand would only be 8kW, saving you 2kW of charges. Your highest billed demand for the past year would then become 8kW, and you'd be shielded against spikes of 11kW or higher. The table below shows such a scenario.

Month Previous 12-month
high Demand (kW) billed
Monthly Demand (kW) used Monthly Demand (kW) billed
June 5 4.6 4.6
July 5 10 8
August 8 4.9 4.9

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