Power quality success stories

SRP's Power Quality Team has helped many customers who have sensitive electronics identify power quality problems and quickly find cost-effective solutions. We'd like to share the following success stories with you.

Medtronic Microelectronics Center

Medtronic is the world's largest manufacturer of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers. Most of the manufacturing processes used in their plants require a high level of power stability. Any power quality problems occurring during the manufacturing of these high-tech devices result in costly production delays.

When Medtronic Microelectronics Center noticed the first signs of voltage problems inside their wafer fabrication area, they called SRP's Power Quality Team. Our investigation identified the problem, and by doing so, eliminated potential future problems. What's more, Medtronic took the opportunity to have SRP's Power Quality Team evaluate other key areas of its facility. Our findings identified several areas for improvement and the team recommended further preventive measures.

SRP's proactive approach to power quality means guaranteed savings to Medtronic now and in the future.


Sanmina, formerly Continental Circuits, is a leading manufacturer of complex multilayer surface-mount, printed circuit boards. The circuit boards are used in sophisticated electronic equipment such as computers, communications, industrial and commercial controls. The proper operation of their manufacturing equipment is critical to their complex manufacturing process.

Sanmina came to SRP's Power Quality Team to help resolve intermittent problems with some of the computers used to manufacture their circuit boards. These intermittent problems caused significant loss in productivity.

Within two weeks, our Power Quality Team identified the problem and the applicable solutions. Then we provided the necessary services to resolve the problems so Sanmina's production again could operate smoothly.

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Desert Samaritan Medical Center

Realizing the importance of power quality, Desert Samaritan Medical Center decided to take advantage of SRP's Power Quality Services. We provided ongoing power quality and power reliability monitoring and event notification, enabling rapid response to any reportable power events.

SRP continues to perform ongoing, comprehensive power quality research, providing corrective actions to Samaritan through detailed power quality reports. These reports include recommendations of any necessary adjustments, repairs or upgrades to Samaritan facilities.

With improved power quality and reliability, Samaritan has increased its overall performance in a very competitive industry.

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Belden, formerly Cable Systems International, operates the largest copper wire and cable manufacturing plant in the world. With more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space, Belden designs and sells telecommunications products for Regional Bell Operating Companies, AT&T Corp., Lucent Technologies, as well as original equipment manufacturers and distributors.

The SRP Power Quality Team worked to identify problems related to repeated power outages in Belden's computer network. These outages impacted production and overall operations, including sales and order processing, plus internal and external computer systems.

Through monitoring and a facility analysis, SRP power quality engineers identified the source of the problem, provided recommendations and referred Belden to a local firm to implement the solutions.

Belden management said they were very pleased with SRP's timely response, quick identification of the problem and our thorough recommendations for preventing future problems.

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