Power panel

Thermal Image Data
IR File Name C0807-13.img
Date of IR Image 8/7/2002
Time of IR Image 1:08:59 PM
Ambient Temperature 78.7°F
Hot Spot 85.9°F
Reference Spot 77.1°F
Temperature Difference 9°F
Priority Rating from table below 2
Image indicates a possible high impedance contact in the breaker.
Priority Rating Table
  Temperature difference (delta T) based on comparisons between similar components under similar loading Temperature difference (delta T) based on comparisons between component and ambient air temperature Recommended Action
1 2 - 5 F 2 - 18 F Possible deficiency; warrants investigation
2 7 - 27 F 20 - 36 F Indicates probable deficiency; repair as time permits
3   38 - 72 F Monitor continuously until corrective measures can be started
4 >= 29 F > 72 F Major discrepancy; repair immediately
N.E.T.A. Maintenance Testing Specifications, for electrical equipment used for priority rating table.

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