SRP M-Power Price Plan

Take control of your energy budget.

SRP M-Power® is a prepaid price plan that gives you control over your energy budget. There are no monthly bills. You decide how much energy to purchase using the M-Power app or your My Account in the amount you choose anytime, anywhere.

M-Power is being upgraded

Existing customers are currently being upgraded to the new M-Power – providing daily access to your balance, usage history and the ability to pay anywhere, anytime through the M-Power app.

Click or tap any of the questions below to get answers to common questions about this change.

We expect all customers to be upgraded by the end of the year.

See when your neighborhood will get the new M-Power. Use the interactive upgrade map now.

See when your neighborhood will get the new M-Power. Use the interactive upgrade map now.

You will not be able to use the M-Power app until your account has been upgraded. Please view the our interactive map to see when your neighborhood will be upgraded.

The safety statement is in place for you to ensure it is safe for power to be delivered to your meter. To avoid the risk of fire, please make sure any electric appliances, such as an electric stove, are turned off at the time power is delivered.

Authorization will be requested when you make a payment at the PayCenters, online, in the M-Power app, and over the phone.

You must respond to the safety statement for your payment to be credited to your meter.

Payments will not appear in your available balance until you confirm the safety statement. The safety statement is in place to ensure your power is not turned on unexpectedly.

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Not upgraded yet?

Information and troubleshooting tips about the original M-Power are available for customers who have not yet been upgraded.

M-Power benefits

  • No upfront costs* or late fees.
  • Pay anywhere you want, anytime you want on the M-Power app or SRP website.
  • Decide how to budget your energy use.
  • No monthly home energy bills.
  • Know how much you're spending on energy in real time.
  • Easily share costs with other household members.

*Program restrictions may apply.

How it works

After you enroll, you'll receive an M-Power in-home display to monitor your energy costs. Once you complete set-up, you can buy power anywhere, anytime using the M-Power app, the My Account website or at any SRP PayCenter machines located across the Phoenix metro area.

Sign up

  • New customers: You may sign up online or by calling (602) 236-8855.
  • Current customers: Please call us at (602) 236-8855 and we'll be happy to switch your current price plan to M-Power.


M-Power prices

November through April
(Prices per kWh)
May, June, September, October
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Summer Peak
July, August
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