SRP M-Power Price Plan

Take control of your energy budget

SRP M-Power® is a prepaid price plan that gives you control over your energy budget. There are no monthly bills. You decide how much energy to purchase using the M-Power app or your My Account in the amount you choose at your convenience. On average, M-Power customers save 12% each year by monitoring and managing electricity use.*

*Based on annual research by SRP Load Research.

Why customers love M-Power

  • No upfront costs* or late fees.
  • Pay anywhere you want, anytime you want on the M-Power app or SRP website.
  • Decide how to budget your energy use.
  • No monthly home energy bills.
  • Know how much you're spending on energy in real time.
  • Easily share costs with other household members.

*Program restrictions may apply.

M-Power's been upgraded!

Improvements that allow M-Power customers to prepay anywhere have arrived – no more trips to a PayCenter. Not upgraded yet? Learn more about the next generation of M-Power.

How it works

After you enroll, you'll receive an M-Power in-home display to monitor your energy costs. Once you complete set-up, you can buy power anywhere, anytime using the M-Power app, the My Account website or at any SRP PayCenter machines located across the Phoenix metro area.

You don't even need the box: you can monitor energy usage from the app, as well.

Sign up

  • New customers: You may sign up online or by calling (602) 236-8855.
  • Current customers: Please call us at (602) 236-8855 and we'll be happy to switch your current price plan to M-Power.

Still on the original M-Power?

The following links are for those M-Power customers that have not yet been upgraded:

Been upgraded or new to M-Power?

The following links are for new M-Power customers and those that have been upgraded:

M-Power prices

November through April
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May, June, September, October
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Summer Peak
July, August
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