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Jan. 18, 2018

SRP partners with Viking Cold Solutions to Install Environmentally Friendly Thermal Energy Storage System in Bashas' Sub-Zero Warehouse

Crews are working in sub-zero temperatures this week installing a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System at the Bashas' distribution center in the Phoenix metro area. The project, which is the first of its kind in the state, is part of a collaboration with SRP, Viking Cold Solutions and Bashas’ Family of Stores to implement this low-impact, sustainable system that offers significant energy savings, energy demand management and heightened protection for frozen food products. 

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The Viking Cold TES technology stores thermal energy at night by freezing food-safe Phase Change Material (PCM) specially formulated to freeze at -18°F. The refrigeration equipment then runs significantly less during peak hours, and the freezer “rides” the PCM to maintain stable temperatures and protect the food. The TES provides energy and cost savings for customers with industrial freezers such as Bashas' and also provide long-term benefits to all SRP customers by reducing peak demand.

“We welcome the opportunity to help lower the environmental impact of cold storage and are proud to add Arizona to our growing list of states where our technology directly improves food quality and grid stability,” said James Bell, CEO of Viking Cold Solutions.

“The purpose of the project is to shift the energy demand to late in the evening or early morning hours, lowering energy demand for SRP at peak hours in the late afternoons. This keeps costs down for SRP and prices down for our customers,” said Chico Hunter, SRP Manager of Research and Environmental Policy.

“Bashas’ is excited to be a part of this test program with SRP and Viking Cold Solutions. It’s important for us, as an Arizona-based company, to focus on being good stewards of the environment and energy conservation is at the top of that list,” said Ashley Shick, Director of Communication and Public Affairs at Bashas’ Family of Stores. “We are eager to learn from this system as we can continue to improve our efficiency efforts and we look forward to the continued partnership.”

SRP is collaborating with Arizona State University's School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, along with Nexant's Utility Services Group, to measure the results of the project and will extrapolate the potential impact of this technology on additional low-temperature refrigeration loads in the Phoenix area.

Photos are available for download here.