Parking lots provide solar power

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SRP joined with the city of Phoenix Transit Department in a $1 million project to install solar power panels on covered parking structures at an Ahwatukee Foothills Park-and-Ride facility that opened in summer 2003.

The solar project, which is the city's first and the largest of its kind in Arizona, is part of SRP's longstanding commitment to renewable energy resources.

Located at the Phoenix public transit facility at 40th Street and Pecos Road, the solar panels at the Park-and-Ride feed directly into SRP's main power grid and produce 102 kilowatts (kW), enough to provide power to 10 homes annually. Electricity produced by solar panels, called photovoltaic energy, is emissions-free and environmentally friendly.

Panels on a security structure at the site provide power for the building's air conditioning, lighting and security system.

Parking is free at the 562-vehicle lot, where commuters may park their own vehicles and catch the RAPID commuter bus service.

More power from parking

SRP also installed a $300,000 photovoltaic solar energy system at the Red Mountain Library parking lot in Mesa. Electricity produced by the new facility will feed into SRP's main power grid and produce 25 kW.

A picture of the Red Mountain Solar Parking structure.

SRP is involved with several other solar projects and provides a mix of locally produced renewable technologies including solar electric, landfill gas and low impact hydroelectric generation through its EarthWise Energy program.

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