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Updated Feb. 7, 2017

The following information will help you better serve your residential customers with their solar water heater project. The major steps that you need to take to qualify your customers for a solar water heater incentive are outlined below. As of May 1, 2013, only electric backup systems will qualify for this program. Also all contractors must submit, and keep current, an IRS W-9 form so they can be set up as an SRP vendor.

Step 1 - Review program requirements

Before starting the application process, please review the program requirements to ensure that your customer's home meets the criteria for a solar water heater. You may also want to review the Residential Solar Water Heating Process Checklist and the application checklist.

PLEASE NOTE:  Contractors agree  to apply the SRP incentive at the time of purchase to reduce the total installed system price by the amount of the SRP incentive. After the application process has been completed, SRP will issue the incentive payment to the contractor on the customer's behalf.

Step 2 - Application submittal

Contractors must submit a complete application package to SRP on behalf of their customer prior to system installation in order to secure an incentive reservation from SRP. The application package must include:

Application packages can be submitted to SRP in several ways:

  • Email
  • Fax to (602) 629-7979
  • Mail to:
    • SRP Residential Solar Water Heating Program
      PAB 52T
      P.O. Box 52025
      Phoenix, AZ 85072

SRP will review the application package within seven days of receipt. SRP will notify the SRP customer by email if the application was accepted or if it is incomplete. SRP will also notify the contractor(s) of the application status by email. If the application package is incomplete, it will be returned to the SRP account holder and can be resubmitted under the current program requirements once the issues are resolved.

If changes to any portion of the application package are made after the incentive is reserved, the customer or their contractor must submit a Residential Solar Water Heating Application Addendum, along with copies of all applicable documents described above that must be revised as a result of the changes.

Step 3 - Installation

Upon receiving an incentive reservation from SRP, the contractor must obtain all applicable building permits as required by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Once all building permits are obtained, the contractor can then install the equipment according to the specifications approved by SRP and the AHJ.

Step 4 - AHJ inspection

After installation, the contractor will need to request an inspection from the AHJ. If the applicable AHJ does not require building permits or inspections, the contractor must submit an SRP Certificate In-Lieu of Plumbing Clearance for Solar Thermal Projects (CILC) to SRP. The customer and the installation contractor must sign and date the CILC.

Step 5 - Complete necessary paperwork

SRP requires the following documents be submitted before the application can continue through the process:

  • A copy of the building permit that includes:
    1. Customer name;
    2. Installation address;
    3. Permit number;
    4. Description of work; and
    5. Fees paid.
  • A copy of the AHJ clearance that matches the information on the building permit or a CILC if the AHJ does not require inspection.
  • A final invoice from the listed dealer or installer that includes:
    1. Customer name;
    2. Installation address;
    3. System manufacturer and OG-300 model number;
    4. Actual installation date;
    5. Unbundled cost from other home improvement projects;
    6. Indication the system was paid in full; and
    7. SRP incentive listed as a line item after the installed system cost and applicable taxes.

Step 6 - SRP evaluation

SRP will conduct an on-site evaluation of the solar water heater to verify that it was installed in conformance with SRP's program requirements and OG-300 standards. Items that will be verified during the audit are outlined in the SRP Residential Solar Water Heating Evaluation Checklist.

An SRP standard fee will be charged for each additional audit beyond the second audit. The SRP standard fee is currently $203. This fee will be deducted from the SRP incentive being paid to the contractor on the customer's behalf. The contractor shall not seek reimbursement from the Customer for the cost of any re-evaluation. This fee is subject to change on an annual fiscal year basis according to SRP policy.

Step 7 - Incentive payment

SRP will process the solar water heater incentive payment after successful completion of a evaluation and verification of all paperwork. The incentive check will be issued to the contractor on behalf of the customer. Please allow six to eight weeks for processing of the payment.

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If you have questions about SRP's Residential Solar Water Heating Program, please contact a solar representative at (602) 236-4662.

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