Plug into solar energy without rooftop panels, leasing contracts, complex financing or hiring contractors.

SRP Community Solar™ gives homeowners and renters the option to adopt solar energy—without rooftop panels, complex leasing contracts or hiring contractors. You can offset up to 50% of your annual energy consumption with solar power.

Community Solar participants sign up for kW blocks that each produce approximately 2,700 kilowatt-hours a year, enough to power typical kitchen appliances, washer and dryer.

In addition, the Community Solar portion of your bill is locked-in at a low price of 9.9 cents per kilowatt-hour for five years—giving you the opportunity to save on your annual energy bills over time.

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By submitting your information, your account will be reviewed by a Community Solar Team rep to determine eligibility. If your account qualifies, you will be automatically enrolled in SRP Community Solar for the number of kW blocks you selected. If you are not eligible for the amount of kW blocks you selected, you will be enrolled for a lesser amount and notified.

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