Monitor your power usage online with SPATIA®

SRP's SPATIA Energy Information Services (EIS) is designed to provide you with valuable, near-real-time energy usage information when you need it. SPATIA EIS can give you a clearer, more detailed overview of power usage in your facility, which in turn leads to optimal performance and reduced operating costs.

Operations and process managers can use SPATIA EIS to better understand their energy usage patterns, monitor them for changes, and seek opportunities to shift peak loads, manage consumption and correct problems as they occur.


  • Improved access to energy information that allows you to better manage your facility and enhance your decision-making, leading to more efficient facility operation.
  • Minimize the time needed to identify usage trends and exceptions to the norm, permitting you to take corrective action earlier.
  • Increased ability to benchmark and monitor multiple locations.


  • Ability to view energy consumption and demand in near real-time, or data can be updated monthly at the meter read date.
  • Access to energy usage graphs and charts that can be viewed anytime, anywhere via a password-protected interactive Web site. Graphs can be saved in JPG or BMP formats.
  • Flexible report timeframes - you can change the date and time settings
  • Minimal up-front design costs.
  • Multiple sites can be logged on one graph or reported in one table, and meters can be added together for reporting purposes.
  • Data can be downloaded for export to other data analysis software, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • On-line access to summary and comparison reports, including most recent bill (with selected bill elements), bill histories and average daily kWh per month.
  • SPATIA EIS can be invoiced to your monthly electric bill.

Collecting and analyzing energy usage and costs in near real-time for all sites gives business customers the power to dynamically manage utility consumption, turning what once was a fixed cost into a variable, controllable cost.

For more information about SRP's SPATIA Energy Information Services, please call your SRP Strategic Energy Manager.

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