Shady summers mean energy savings

Use these tips to cool your home during hotter months.

Protecting your home from the sun's blistering rays can help lower energy costs and keep your home more comfortable during the summer months. Your home's west-and-east-facing walls are hit the hardest, leading to more heat gain for rooms located in these areas.

How to shade your home

  • Shade trees - SRP customers can get two free shade trees to protect your home from heat gain.
  • Shade screens - Shading your windows with protective screens can cut cooling costs. Make life simple, install shade screens and brighten your savings with SRP's shade screen rebate.
  • Porch overhangs and awnings - These provide great protection from the sun's rays when properly sized and positioned over windows.
  • Interior shades - Curtains, blinds, etc. all work to block the sun, but are not as effective because the heat has already entered your home. These shades work better as a second line of defense.
  • Screen walls and vertical fins - While they are more difficult to install, they can be effective at blocking sun rays on the east and west side of your home.

Create a cool microclimate around your home

Planting desert adapted trees and plants around your home can help keep windows, walls and concrete around your home cooler. The shade provided by landscaping can be as much as 6 degrees cooler, according to . Plus, you can keep outdoor entertainment areas shaded, so you can enjoy them year round with friends and family.

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