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As of December 29, 2020, HR Online is read-only and no longer updated.
Employee information that was previously updated in HR Online is now available to view and update in OneWorkforce.. This includes:
  1. Home and mailing addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact information.
  2. Driver’s License information.
  3. Banking information.
  4. Current sick and vacation usage (2021 and beyond).
  5. Current pay statements (2021 and beyond).
  6. Note: 401(k) information and forms can now be found on insideHR.

Pay Stubs, Pay History, Time Records and Sick & Vacation Usage as of and prior to December 29, 2020, continue to be available in HR Online until a future determined date when HR Online will be retired.

Retirees will retain access to HR Online until the system is retired on a future determined date. As of January 15, 2020, SRP moved to ADP as a third-party payroll service provider. If retirees received at least one payment through MyADP, they will retain access to those records indefinitely by registering for the myADP Portal via a mobile device or personal computer. For instructions to register for MyADP, click here.