Hanger-Houston project – construction is scheduled

Construction for the first phase of the Hanger-Houston project is scheduled.

The project is an overhead power line that will connect the Hanger substation at Guadalupe Road and the Loop 101 freeway with the Houston Substation on McClintock Road, north of Ray Road.

Linking these two substations will effectively tie together all of the substations in that portion of the SRP power system to better ensure reliability. The Hanger-Houston 69kV power line is scheduled to be in service by spring of 2007. Hanger-Houston selected route

Project need

SRP identified a need to bring an additional source of electricity into the Tempe/Chandler area. Our forecasts indicated that the existing power lines would be overloaded by summer 2007 because of increased demand for electricity.

Our studies also revealed that the electric system was vulnerable to blackouts if one system component – whether a piece of equipment in the substation, a pole or a wire – were to fail. SRP engineers studied a number of solutions and concluded that a new subtransmission line was the best long-term answer. Connecting Hanger substation to Houston substation using a new 69kV power line provides reliability and additional electricity to meet the needs of this region.

Public process

Public participation is a crucial factor in SRP's decision making process, and our route selection reflects the feedback we received from many in the affected community.

The first open house for this project was held on Oct. 27, 2005 at Kyrene Middle School. A second open house was held on Nov. 16, 2005, at Aprende Middle School. The purpose of the open house events was to provide an opportunity for area residents and interested parties to learn more about the proposed Hanger-Houston project.

SRP employees who specialize in planning, engineering and land management were present to answer questions, and additional information about the proposal was displayed at the open house events.

Feedback from homeowners, businesses and city officials – in addition to over 1,000 comment cards, e-mails, letters and phone calls received about the project – was also considered.

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Underground construction schedule for southbound Price Road

All work will be done along the western edge of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) right-of-way.

Trench and conduit installation:

  • October - November 2006 - Caroline Lane north to Warner Century Plaza
  • Thanksgiving 2006 - Warner Century Plaza
  • December 2006 - Caroline Lane to the south side of Park Avenue

SRP irrigation line relocation

  • January 2007 - Warner Century Plaza to Calle de Arcos only

Cable installation and electrical work

  • January - February 2007 - Warner Century Plaza to Park Avenue

Sidewalk and landscape restoration

  • January - March 2007 - Warner Century Plaza to Park Avenue

Construction notes:

  • This schedule is tentative; dates are dependent on weather and construction-related issues.
  • A 69kV riser pole will be installed at each end of the underground trench.
  • Crews will be removing sidewalk and landscaping as required to perform the work.
  • A professional landscape company has been hired to repair and restore the landscaping.
  • Access on southbound Price Road will be restricted during the duration of the construction.
  • Caroline Lane, Seville Boulevard and Park Avenue will be closed at Price Road for a short duration as crews trench across the roads.

Contact us

Thank you for your comments and suggestions about the Hanger-Houston project. We will continue to inform you of the project's progress.

If you have questions or comments, please call SRP at (602) 236-2872, or send us an e-mail.

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