Distribution brings power to homes, businesses

SRP regularly builds, updates and maintains the electric system that distributes power to homes and businesses in the Valley.

69kV projects

69kV subtransmission lines bring power to substations to meet the area's growing demand for power and provide better electric reliability to the community.

  • Humphrey-Turpen 69kV Transmission Project: This project is planned to build a 69 kV line that will connect from the existing Humphrey Substation located on Riggs and Lindsay Road to the existing Turpen Substation located on Appleby and Lindsay Road.

Substation projects

  • Hartman Project: This project will support a commercial customer in the Elliot Road Technology Corridor in Mesa with new electric infrastructure.
  • Perales Project: This project was completed and in-service on April 30, 2021. In this project, a 69 kV line extension and a new distribution substation were built near Ellsworth and Warner roads to support planned commercial and residential load growth in the area.

About substations

SRP provides electricity to its customers through an interconnected grid of 69-kilovolt (69kV) power lines and distribution substations. The substations are the hub for serving neighborhood electrical needs. These facilities are found every four square miles, providing electricity to area homes, schools and businesses.
Distribution substation

Overhead power lines carrying 69kV of electricity connect the substations, which transform the power to 12kV. The electricity then travels out of the substation, either overhead on poles or underground, into the surrounding neighborhoods. Small transformers step down the 12kV power to a lower voltage for commercial, industrial or residential use.

SRP's standard enclosure is a chain-link fence.


Pole replacement

SRP crews regularly inspect wood poles that support our network of above-ground power lines. To maintain reliable service and protect public safety, we proactively identify poles that are at risk of failure. Dedicated maintenance crews are assigned to replace the identified poles. Public Involvement representatives notify customers within 300 feet of each pole replacement location prior to site preparation and construction. Public Involvement representatives also will coordinate with SRP crews to arrange property access and limit the inconvenience to customers in the affected area.

Cable replacement and system improvement

Underground distribution cables carry electricity to many Valley developments and neighborhoods. After years of service, these cables can wear, potentially resulting in power outages. SRP regularly assesses underground cable performance and replaces sections that do not meet acceptable reliability standards. To prolong the life of underground cables, we now place them inside conduits.

Image of two SRP employees in a bucket lift working on aerial cable replacement.

System improvement also may refer to upgrades, maintenance or repairs at substations. Substations are electrical facilities placed throughout our service territory.

Public Involvement representatives will notify customers in the affected area when this work is scheduled, and again if an outage is necessary. As with all outages, SRP will work to minimize the amount and duration of interruptions.

For more information on our cable replacement process, view our frequently asked questions.

Planned outages

SRP must perform work on the electric system to maintain its safe and efficient operation. Unfortunately, sometimes this means we must plan outages and de-energize power lines.

Through planned outages, our crews complete work that can head off equipment malfunctions and prevent potentially lengthier interruptions.

Electricity is essential to our way of life and is the backbone of our economy. We recognize that there's no good time to conduct a planned outage.

Before a planned outage, our Public Involvement team will contact affected customers in person, by phone, through door-hanger cards or by mail.

With advanced notice, residences and businesses can adjust their normal routines until service is restored.

You can now receive text and email alerts about outages in your area through SRP eNote alerts and reminders. These notifications will be sent to you at the beginning of the outage, when key information is updated and when power is restored. To sign up for this free service, log in to SRP My Account™ and follow the step-by-step instructions. Not a My Account customer? Just call us at (602) 236-8888 and we are happy to enroll you in eNotes.


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