Reap the benefits of a smart meter

Smart meters are an important step on the path toward a smarter energy future, using digital technology to help save energy and reduce costs.

New price options

If you are currently unable to participate in the Time-of-Day price plan options because your meter is not readily accessible you can easily switch to one of our price options as the new smart meters are placed in your neighborhood.

The new price plans may help you save money, depending on your lifestyle, by using less energy during peak periods and when energy prices are higher. Call (602) 236-8888 to find out if your home qualifies for a smart meter installation.

Save energy and money

Example of smart meter daily usage graph
from My Account

Example of smart meter daily usage graph from My Account

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Through SRP My Account™ you will have access to yesterday's energy use today. The information collected by your smart meter lets you track your energy use throughout the month and will help you identify your energy habits. Knowing how much energy you're consuming on a daily basis can help you better manage your energy use and save money.

Budget control

With a smart meter you have access to many online tools to help control your budget. You can request a weekly estimate of your bill amount based on your month-to-date usage. You can request email alerts to tell you when your monthly bill estimate reaches your predetermined budget amount. You can also receive alerts when your daily usage exceeds a threshold that you set.

These alerts can help you make immediate decisions to save energy and reduce your electric bill.


Your smart meter allows SRP to read your meter quickly and easily without disrupting your schedule. The two-way communication also facilitates remote service turn-ons for even more convenience. If you're moving, for example, you'll no longer need to leave gates open, worry about pets, or wait around for a field service technician.

Accuracy and privacy

Smart meter technology uses a secure wireless connection to transmit your daily energy use. This secure technology also ensures the most accurate bill possible because we'll no longer have to estimate your bill when we can't access your meter. We will no longer need to enter your yard to read your meter.

To check out all your available smart meter tools, log in to My Account.

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