Business Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Request Form

Submit this form, along with installation invoice, within 90 days after the electric vehicle (EV) charger port has been installed. Each customer may receive up to 12 EV Charger Rebates per site (service address). The amount is $500 for each new “Level 2” workplace charger port with a maximum rebate amount per customer of $6,000. Rebates will be paid to business customers served by SRP. Rebates available for installations completed between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018. Have further questions? Download Document is a PDF our fact sheet for more details about SRP's rebate program.

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I am authorizing this rebate payment to the third party named above and I understand that I will not be receiving the rebate payment check form SRP. I also understand that my release of payment to the third party does not exempt me from the rebate requirements outlined in the terms and conditions. I also acknowledge that assignment of applicable rebates to another party may not affect my tax liability for rebates paid by the program.

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