Future energy needs

SRP has delivered on its commitment to provide reliable and affordable power to the Valley for more than a century, and we intend to do so for the next century by continuing our forward-thinking approach.

To meet the growing energy needs of metropolitan Phoenix, SRP is moving ahead with plans for additional generating facilities and transmission lines that will protect SRP customers from market fluctuations and power shortages. Rapid population growth in SRP's electric service territory requires more capacity to generate electricity, and SRP is always looking ahead to ensure these needs are met. Reliability is our #1 product.

More forward-thinking approaches:

  • SRP's power system uses advanced technology and sound design to limit service interruptions and restore power quickly when outages occur.
  • SRP is the first electric utility in the world to obtain "smart meters" that will soon enable customers to prepay for service using our mobile app.
  • SRP is participating in a combined solar energy-battery storage project that will help us understand how to efficiently and economically grow this technology for our customers.

Generation and transmission projects

Planning ahead to serve its customers is one reason why SRP is an industry leader in power reliability, system performance, power restoration and customer satisfaction.

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