SRP: Electric gate access

Many service locations in SRP's service area are protected by electric gates. SRP has an unconditional right of access to a customer's premises for the purpose of accessing the SRP facilities for emergency, maintenance and other work. To facilitate better access, SRP is standardizing their access requirement through all electric gates located in their service territory.

Compliance is required for every customer with an electric gate. To do so requires the installation of the SRP-approved restricted access switch (RAS) in all areas where vehicle access is barred by a gated closure (typically residential or commercial customers with electric gates).

An RAS is required at all existing or proposed main or guest entrance gates and any restricted exit gates. The customer is responsible for installation of the RAS and all associated maintenance costs.

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About SRP's right to access

SRP's right to access is supported in its rules and regulations and electric service standards. SRP has revised the existing access standards to meet the needs of SRP's municipal status.

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