SRP Budget Billing™ for business

Predictable monthly payments for easier business budgeting

SRP Budget Billing for business is a no-cost program that balances the seasonal highs and lows of your electric bill to make your payments predictable each month. And with Budget Billing's constant billing amount, budgeting for your business just might be a little easier.

How it works

  • SRP totals your company's annual energy cost for the previous year and divides it by 12. The resulting average is your monthly payment amount.
  • SRP will review your usage periodically for any significant changes and make adjustments to your payment amount if necessary.

Best time to enroll

You may enroll in business Budget Billing throughout the year. However, the best time to enroll is around October in order to sufficiently build a credit in your account to cover your usage during the high summer months.

Things to note

  • Budget Billing is not a price plan. You may still enroll in SRP's business Time-of-Use Price Plan.
  • Your account must be at a zero balance.
  • A late or missed payment on Budget Billing is subject to normal SRP credit procedures. If full payment is not received and credited within 21 days of the billing date, your account will be subject to a late fee, plus tax. If full payment is not received before the next billing, your account may be removed from the program.
  • Your enrollment in Budget Billing will be cancelled if you miss two payments.
  • Customers on SRP's E-50 and E-60 price plans are not eligible to participate in this program.

Get in touch

If you have questions about how this program works, please contact SRP Business Center or call (602) 236-8833.

Monthly payment amounts are based on customer’s enrollment date and changes in usage and price plans during the year. SRP calculates your monthly payment by averaging your bills for the last 12 months and adjusts for any changes in prices. We will review your account periodically for any changes in usage and pricing, and if necessary, make adjustments to your payment amount. Your account must be paid up-to-date to enroll. Each account is billed separately.

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